Within the confines of The Dragon’s Lair Gym, you’ll find an invaluable resource for your physical well-being in the form of Sports/Athletic Massage Therapist, Miguel Guajardo, LMP. Miguel brings a unique skill set to our facility, specializing in Aggressive Massage Therapy that encompasses an array of techniques, including Deep Tissue, Active Release, GuaSha (muscle scraping), Myofascial Release, Trigger Point therapy, and Cupping Therapy. With Miguel’s expertise, you can address muscle tension, improve flexibility, and enhance your overall athletic performance. Make the most of your time at the gym by scheduling a session with Miguel, and experience the benefits of personalized, high-impact massage therapy.

Las Vegas

7850 Dean Martin Drive
Suite 506
Las Vegas, Nevada 89139

Operating Hours
Monday – Friday – 4AM to 10PM
Saturday & Sunday – 6AM to 10PM